Friday, January 15, 2010

Word of the Year

I really am not the biggest fan of new year's resolutions; I think it sets you up for failure. People are always making these crazy "I'm going to lose 70 pounds in 3 days" type of resolutions, and then they are so disappointed and down on themselves for not doing it. Then it's almost like they are shot for the rest of the year. I know; I've done it.

Over the past couple of years, I've tried to make much more realistic "resolutions"; and they weren't really because of New Years, but because they were things I wanted to do anyway. This year, they were: stick to a budget and follow the Abs Diet more closely. I really like the Abs Diet because it promotes healthy eating (with a cheat meal once a week). No calorie counting, no eating super-processed stuff that is "low-fat"; just eating in a healthy manner. (Note: I am also a huge fan of Weight Watchers, which did help me lose 40 lbs in high school, but only if it's followed in conjunction with eating healthy; if all you are eating is 23 1-Point desserts all day, you may lose weight, but you're obviously not healthy.)

But I kept reading other people who wrote about their "word for the year". I thought that was a pretty good idea because it was fairly simple but could be pretty tough. Simple in that you only focused on that one thing for a whole year, but tough because if you're doing it right, it's something that you probably find difficult to do. I wanted to pick something that had to do with my spiritual life and things I struggle with. I threw around a lot of words--kindness, compassion, mercy (all things I have a hard time with) and deliberate. I want to be very deliberate about each thing I say and do. I want each thing to have purpose and have meaning. As I said, I struggle with having kindness and compassion toward certain people. Not most, but a few. Doesn't everyone? But I think those are qualities that God calls us to develop in order to be more like Christ.

However, JC and I were talking today, and I was telling him about it. He immediately said, "Service." And I thought, what a great word! It encompasses all of the ones I was thinking of. When you are trying to serve others as Christ would, you are obviously kind, compassionate, and merciful toward them. You are deliberate in everything you say, trying to edify others and help them in any way possible. In addition, it requires you to have humility, which is another one I struggle with. Not trying to drop all of my faults on you at once... just trying to keep it real here. (By the way, don't you just love it when you start to think, "Man, I'm getting pretty humble." Here's a hint: if you ever get to the point where you think you are humble, you probably aren't. :-) )

So that is going to be my word of the year. I am going to try to be a servant to others--to be kind and compassionate, to forgive even when I don't want to, to be deliberate in all my speech and actions, and not to expect anything in return. Will I fail? Absolutely. Probably a thousand times. But I know our life in Christ is a journey and I'll never be perfect.

What's your word of the year?


  1. Hey Kelly!
    You and JC and fam have been on our hearts lately. We love you guys and have been praying for you.

    Hope all is well in Atlanta. I occasionally visit your blog and wanted you to know that I always enjoy reading what you write - a great writer you are, my friend!

    Thank you for sharing this particular post. I found it most encouraging and challenging. I would like to join you on the journey of serving...

    Blessings to you~

  2. That is a great word! I've never thought of a new years resolution that way...I've never really done the resolutions, but I always try to set goals each year.

    And amen on our life in Christ as a journey, I fail so many times, yet because of His grace, I can keep on! :)