Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Classy Flea in Marietta

So remember how I told you there was a thrift store/antique shop/flea market in Marietta that I really wanted to go to? Well, yesterday, I went! It's called "A Classy Flea" and it is hands down one of the best I have ever been in. Not only are the items incredible (and they have tons of items), but the prices are so much more reasonable than most shops I have been in. I took a few pictures so you guys could enjoy the eye candy also.


Are you loving all the blue furniture like I am? This place is crawling with beautiful blues!

And if you like the chippy, weathered look (which I do), they have that, too.

If you have a thing for vintage napkins and doilies....

I was in love with this buffet and hutch, which the owner told me came from Scotland. Unfortunately, I have no place for it. Sad times.

A close up. The detail on the hinges is just gorgeous!

This doll really creeped me out. Am I the only one who has something against dolls? 

And here are a few more pictures, for your enjoyment...

I walked away with a treasure trove of goodies for an excellent price, which is a rarity in a shop of this kind. So the moral of the story is, if you live in the Atlanta area, you need (as in, it is absolutely imperative) to stop by "A Classy Flea". And if you don't live in Atlanta, it would still be a good day trip!


  1. How fun!! I LOVE flea markets!! This is in Atlanta??? We may be heading that way fairly soon....

  2. Wow...that looks like a great place!! And I'm with you on the dolls...they give me the heeby geebies!! Thank goodness I had two BOYS! ;-)