Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paint and Twine are Magical

Paint and twine can transform a lot of things. Seriously. I've been using a lot of these lately. See?



Ah. Already so much better. We have gold, reds, and yellows all over our house, and it is currently being changed (slowly... verrrrrrry slowly) to lighter colors and more cottage-y. So the gold had to go. I am just working on changing the shade now, and then it will be a whole new lamp!

Before: An old drying rack that we got from JC's mom's house. Not terrible, but the blue really did not fit with the new laundry room (which will be revealed soon). (Also notice my sweet puppies in the background. They are really loving this new spring weather!)

 After: All white. Much better.

Before: A poor old ugly wine bottle.

Nothing a little twine and some hot glue (and a few burns on my fingers) can't fix...
(Note: If you want to do this, remember to remove the label before you start gluing the twine on it. I had to stop about right here and work for ten minutes to get this stupid thing off.)


Before: Miniature rolling pins from some sort of kid's church craft project. I had seen several people wrapping these around old vintage clothespins or spools. Sadly, I had neither of these. But I did have kiddy rolling pins, so...


I put them in a jar on the entryway table....

Sorry about that crazy bright, blinding stream of light coming through. I always forget to take pictures when I'm actually supposed to. And that big silver plate is probably going to be moved somewhere else. Part of the ever-evolving Poole household.

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