Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easy Peasy Spring Wreath

It's definitely true that a wreath makes your door look instantly better. And it's true that it makes it appear more inviting. It's also true that store-bought wreaths usually cost an arm and a leg. So after looking at my naked front door for a few months (after the poor Christmas wreath had to come down), I decided that I could make my own for a lot cheaper. And here it is.

Here it is a little closer...

Nothing super special, but instantly better. I just took an old grapevine wreath that I had (that I have used for endless other wreaths) and grabbed some faux foliage from Hobby Lobby (50% off, of course). That was honestly the hardest part--picking which branches I wanted. After that, it was just a matter of sticking the branches in and contorting them to fit my desires. (I also must add that, since I am a cheapo--*ahem* frugal-ista--I had to make sure I could reuse these branches. So I didn't cut the stems off, even though they were super long. I just bent them around and pinned them behind the wreath. That way I can use them again later if need be!) And because raffia makes everything look better, I added a little bow. Easy peasy spring wreath!

Note: Inspiration here. I'm nothing if not a shameless (kind-of) copycat.


  1. Looks great!! I have a really small wreath up right now, and I need to replace it soon. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Just stopped by . . . Hope you guys are doing well. Lovely wreath :)

  3. Good Morning Kelly!

    You have a little blessing waiting for you at my blog!