Friday, November 6, 2009

Pottery Barn Giveaway!

Yaye! I love Pottery Barn. I really do. But I don't love Pottery Barn prices. Sheesh. That stuff is out-of-control kind of expensive. And we all know I am cheap. Or, frugal--that's the term I prefer. A much better connotation, in my opinion. Kind of like how I have resorted to calling myself "fair-skinned" as opposed to pale. "Fair-skinned" makes me think of Snow White. "Pale" makes me think of Jim Gaffigan. And really, what kind of choice is that?...

Anyway, all that to say that Peanut Petunia is having a Pottery Barn giveaway. (She also has some great decor ideas on her blog!) Check this out!

Okay, so maybe you don't have a need for a galvinized key cabinet from Pottery Barn. Maybe you already have something similar. But you can't tell me this wouldn't be a wonderful Christmas gift for someone. And then they will see that you got it from Pottery Barn and think you really love them a lot--otherwise, you wouldn't have spent an outrageous amount of money on something at Pottery Barn just for them! Only you have to know that it was free. So enter!

As you may notice, I usually make lots of posts about giveaways on days that I have no new projects to present to you. However, I have made some pretty incredible Goodwill finds recently that will be turned into fantastic gifts and goodies. I've just been too busy to work on them (until this afternoon!). So stay tuned!


Boy, are you Pottery Barn lovers in for a surprise. I found another PB giveaway! This time for a $25 PB gift card. And GCs are the best--then you can spend hours walking around PB, trying to decide what to spend your precious PB bucks on. The giveaway is at "Get Your Martha On," an incredible blog by an incredible lady who knows a little something about making some frugal crafts and DIY projects.

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