Thursday, February 25, 2010

January Goals Revisited

So I just realized that my sidebar still contained "January goals". Really? That's pathetic, Kelly. And there's no point in making many February goals, because it's a short month and it's nearly over. So now that it's nearly March, perhaps I should let you know how I did on these January goals, and maybe set a few for March.

January Goals:

Fun: Pasadena for the National Championship! Success! Boy, did we have fun. We got to see so many things while we were out there, but most importantly, WE WON! I probably will never get to go to another national championship game, so I was really pumped that Alabama pulled it out.

DIY/Crafting: Sew something new. Fail! Ugh. Soooo didn't happen. I will say, in my defense, that it was probably because I still don't have electricity in my craft room. That could be a problem, right? I mean, the people who owned our house before us (and also planned it and had it built) apparently saw no need to install electrical outlets in the room. So I can't sew in there unless I run a bright orange extension cord halfway through my house. Not happening. Yes, I know it is weird that we don't have any power in there. Yes, I am working on that as we speak--hopefully an electrician will be remedying this soon.

Finish painting guest bath. Success! Yaye! We did this pretty early in the year (with my darling little sister's help), and I like the pale yellow SO much more than the purple that was in there before.

Cooking: Try one new dinner recipe. I know that we did. But it has been so long that I have forgotten what it is. So I will consider that a fail since it obviously made no impression on me.

Use more fresh veggies for each meal. Success! I should have been much more specific, because that's a very vague goal. But I know that we did make an effort to buy and use more fresh vegetables.

Gardening: Trim hedges. Fail! This totally didn't happen. Of course, the good news is that since it's winter, they aren't growing very much. :-)

Decide on window boxes for the bay window. Success! I don't know if I should count this, because I technically just decided on it a few days ago. I had originally said no to the window boxes, because I didn't want to be drilling stuff into the side of our house. But I discovered (whilst taking the dogs out) that there seems to already be hardware there for window boxes. Score!

Home: Finish taking down Christmas decor. Success! I'll just go ahead and leave the winter decor out of it, because by this point it is all gone, also. But just for the record, I did put it up. No I didn't take pictures (I am terrible about this), but it did look nice.

Wellness: Work out three times a week. Uh... er.... does my avoidance tell you anything?

Follow Abs Diet. See above. This didn't go so well. (In my defense, I was gone from home for several weeks at a time, first for Christmas, then for Pasadena, then to DC for two weeks for work... it's just hard to eat well on the road. Phooey.)

I'm just going to do March goals... trying for February is worthless at this point.

March goals:

  • Take in a movie with the hubs at the local dollar theater (okay, so it's actually $1.75, but if you go on Tuesdays it's only 75 cents!).
  • Read 5 books.
  • Sew something new.
  • Complete at least two projects listed here.
  • Try one new recipe for dinner.
  • Decide what we want to plant in our mini-garden and go for it.
  • Trim the hedges.
  • Re-do some landscaping in the front--it's looking pretty sad.
  • Finish laundry room reno and purchase new washer/dryer.
  • Living room (room of the month--read about it here).
  • Call an electrician (regarding the aforementioned craft room problem, as well as some others.)
  • Do research/make calls for estimates about screening in our back porch.
  • Sew the button back on so I can wear one of my fave sweaters before all the cold weather is gone! (I know it's a small task, but I just haven't made myself do it. Small goals count, too, right??)
  • Work out four times a week. (I know, I know. You might say, "You can't even do THREE times a week--what makes you think you can do FOUR?" Well, things have changed, my friend, and my motivation is back. I'm tired of being tired all the time, and the 10 lbs I have gained since moving is NOT my friend, no matter how much the brownies tell me otherwise.)
  • Follow the Abs Diet (which really just means to eat healthy).


  1. Love your goals! If you could see my list, you would would think, "her and her house needs all that work?" Love your blog!

    P.S. I must tell you that everyday I start all over with my gym goals!

  2. Good for you for developing this. With two toddlers, I am just trying to survive and wondering every moment if I will! :)))

  3. Great goals and accomplishments! Ooh, what color yellow did you use? I would love to see your laundry area redo because I {heart} laundry rooms!

  4. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!!!

    ...You should grow your own herbs! :D That'd be something fun for you! And a little vegetable garden. :) Yeah, that's the good stuff!

    No, but yeah...did you figure out what style you wanted to do everything in?

  5. Great goals! It's nice to know that sometimes some goals come before others--and that's okay too!

  6. Wow, your goals list for March puts me to shame!!! lol ;-)